Lithium Polymer Basic Charger – Micro USB



Designed to charge a 3.7V LiPo at up to 500mA (the current limit of traditional USB ports), it’s a plug-in-and-go solution.

The board features a status LED, JST connector for your battery (JST-type used in the batteries we carry), and a micro-USB connector, plus a mounting hole for a more permanent installation.

Make sure your battery’s connector wires match the polarity shown on the charger. Red = +, Black = -. If your battery doesn’t match, you can easily pry up the tabs that lock the pin into the connector, and swap their positions so they match the charger’s polarity.


500mA charge rate
For use with single LiPo/Poly cells
29.4 x 10.8mm (1.16 x 0.43″)


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